Green Jelly

Serves 8:
1 cantaloup
250 g white grapes 
250 g Glas goose berries
4 Kiwifruit
1/4 l  appel juice
40 g starch flour
2 tsp green Banana liqueur
1/2 lemon
150 g sugar
some leaves of lemon verbena          

Preparation:The pulp of the cantaloup is cut in small pieces.
Mash half of it. The grapes are halved.
Kiwis are peeled and cut in slices. The melon puree is 
cooked with half of the other fruit, sugar, apple juice.
Starch flower is stirred with 4 tsp cold water ,mixed under
the jelly and boiled up. Then the liqueur, sugar and lemon juice
are added. The rest of the fruit are stirred under the jelly.
Decorate with some leaves of lemon verbena.

recipe by Monika Gober
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